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‘Changing relationship with clothes – Waste is out of fashion’ this EWWR

Mid Ulster District Council is urging residents to be more sustainable with their textiles and footwear this European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) which takes place from 19 – 27 November.

EWWR provides the perfect opportunity to challenge everyday actions and habits to reduce the waste we produce and increase our recycling.

Behind the red carpets, the fashion shows and the sales, there is a massive industry employing over 1.5 million people just in Europe. But the other side of the industry tells a different story, less glamorous and much more alarming.

The textile and clothing industry is one of the most polluting sectors, together with housing, transport, and food.

This is caused by the strong impact it has on land use, water pollution and even greenhouse emissions. 

If your wardrobe is due for a revamp there are lots of inspiring ways to create a clean, fresh look from the things you already have. Getting creative with your clothes will not only save you money but it can also give you a fabulous style that nobody else can match.

You can also make completely new creations from old clothes you no longer plan to wear. From laptop cases made from jumpers to bags made from curtains or shirts, the possibilities are endless. For those who have less of a creative flare, any clothes, shoes and accessories that you no longer plan to wear can be taken to one of your local charity shops.

If you decide you need to make a new purchase, buying pre-loved clothes can also be a fabulous way of getting a new look for a fraction of High Street prices. Vintage clothes mean you can be both chic and unique, as they often use colours and fabrics that you just can’t find in stores today.

Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Sean McGuigan, is encouraging all of us to support EWWR’s call to action and think smarter about our fashion choices. 

EWWR reminds us how easily we can fall into habits that produce unnecessary waste. We all have a responsibility to look after the environment in which we live, work and socialise. Simple actions like using our creative talents, supporting second hand sales, or donating unwanted clothes to charity shops, can make a big difference to the sustainability of our fashion.

The Love your Clothes campaign, coordinated by WRAP, has lots of tips and information on reducing the environmental impact of clothing across the UK. Find out more at

For more information on EWWR 2022 visit the EWWR website.

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