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New Health and Community Hub opens in Dungannon

A new £1.3m health and community hub has been opened at Thomas Clarke’s Gaelic Football Club in Dungannon, thanks to a £973,000 investment by the Department for Communities.

The facility, which will provide a state-of-the-art space for community groups and promote health and wellbeing in the local area, was also funded by Thomas Clarke’s GFC, which contributed £328,000 to the project.

The project was led by Mid Ulster District Council, on behalf of Thomas Clarke’s, with the support of the Dungannon Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership.

Councillor Dominic Molloy, Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, hailed Thomas Clarke’s GFC’s vision and thanked the Department for Communities for its financial contribution. Cllr. Molloy said:

“I’m delighted that the council has been able to support a modern community centre and sports facility that will deliver significant social value and community impact in Dungannon, Ballysaggart and the wider area. Not only will Thomas Clarke’s club benefit from the new premises, so too will residents and other community and sporting organisations.

“I would also like to thank Department for Communities and everyone in the Dungannon area and beyond who has helped achieve this goal through their ongoing support and wider commitment to raising everyone’s standard of living.”

Attending the official opening, Department for Communities Deputy Secretary, Emer Morelli said the new hub would provide increased opportunities for a wide range of people in Dungannon and the surrounding areas. 
Emer said:

“It is extremely rewarding to see a forward-thinking concept become reality and I commend everyone who devoted the time, effort and commitment to help us reach this point.

“One of the Department’s strategic objectives is to help develop our communities, build confidence and improve the quality of life for people living in local areas. I believe this health and community hub ticks all those boxes.

“Not only will it provide new opportunities for young people and encourage a greater participation in sport, physical activity and community and cultural initiatives, it will also benefit people of all ages, abilities and genders through a range of outreach activities. 

“It is a fine example of what can be achieved when government departments, councils, Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships, stakeholders and communities come together to deliver on a vision that meets the needs of those living in the local area.”

The new hub aims to improve social conditions through better co-ordinated provision of a range of community-based activities while catering for a diverse range of groups, including footballers, hurlers, musicians, dancers, community groups and local schools. 

John McNulty, chairperson of Thomas Clarke’s GFC, said:

“I am absolutely delighted that we have reached another milestone in the history of our club.  I have no doubt this new health and community hub will allow us to build on the successes we have already achieved.

“We have been upgrading and maintaining our facilities for years, thanks to the help of smaller grants and a lot of hard work from volunteers, but this year we have witnessed our most significant success off the field with the completion of this magnificent building.

“On this occasion, the grant was secured from the Department for Communities with support from the Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership and Mid Ulster District Council and our sincere thanks goes to all of them.
“Without the help of these organisations, this project wouldn’t have happened.”

Chair of Coalisland and Dungannon Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership Francie Molloy MP commented:

"I welcome the conclusion of the new build for Dungannon Thomas Clarke’s and the community around Dungannon.  This is a great project and I commend the club members for the work and the vision to deliver this new facility.  This is just one of the many projects which the Coalisland & Dungannon Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership has delivered for the community through funding from Department for Communities.”

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