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Neighbourhood Renewal

In June 2003, Government launched “People and Place – A strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal” designed to target those communities throughout Northern Ireland suffering the highest levels of deprivation with an aim to reduce the social and economic inequalities. 

It does so by making a long term commitment to communities to work in partnership to identify and prioritise needs, and co-ordinate interventions designed to address the underlying causes of poverty. 

Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships

Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships were established in 2005 representative of local community interests together with appropriate Government Departments, public sector agencies, private sector interest and local elected representatives.

Coalisland & Dungannon Partnership was set up to take forward the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme and oversee the development and delivery of the local Action Plan and comprises of up to 40 members which included representatives from local communities, voluntary organisations, elected representatives, private sector and local statutory organisations including NIHE, PSNI, SH&SCT and EA. 

It meets on a bi-monthly basis and its administration and facilitation is provided through a Coordinator who is based within the Mid Ulster District Council. 

The Partnership has established 3 sub-groups to assist them in the identification, development and delivery of projects which aim to address the Programmes’ four Strategic Objectives.

Objective One: Community Renewal
To develop confident communities that are able and committed to improving the quality of life in their areas.

Objective Two: Social Renewal
To improve social conditions for the people who live in the most deprived neighbourhoods through better coordinated public services and the creation of safer environments 

Objective Three: Economic Renewal
To develop economic activity in the most deprived neighbourhoods and connect them to the wider urban economy.

Objective Four: Physical Renewal
To help create attractive, safe, sustainable environments in the most deprived neighbourhoods.

Coalisland and Dungannon Neighbourhood Renewal

The projects funded through Coalisland and Dungannon Neighbourhood Renewal Programme under Department for Communities include:

  • Neighbourhood Renewal Coordinator Project

  • Halloween Diversionary Project Coalisland

  • Ogras Disengaged Youth Programme

  • SWC Going Places Project

  • Coalisland Training Services- Community Education Programme

  • Dungannon Social Renewal Education Programme

  • Coalisland Social Renewal Education Programme

  • Coalisland and Dungannon NR Areas Learning Mentor

  • St Joseph’s College Vocational Project

  • Coalisland and Dungannon NR Health & Social Well Being Programme which includes South Tyrone Men’s Shed & Coalisland & Lough Shore Men’s Shed

You can read more about the projects carried out in 2022-23 in the Partnerships' Annual Report. 

If you would like to receive the Dungannon and Coalisland Neighbourhood Renewal Newsletter on a monthly basis, contact Annie Barret, Dungannon Council Office.