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Freedom of Information conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services


The Council undertakes to use its best endeavours to hold confidential and commercially sensitive information provided in the tender submitted, subject to the Councils obligations under law, including the Freedom of Information Act (2000).  If a Tenderer considers that any of the information submitted in the Tender should not be disclosed because of its commercial sensitivity or confidentiality, then this should be stated with the reasons for considering the information confidential or likely to prejudice commercial interests if disclosed to the public.  The Council will then consult with the Tenderer in considering any request received under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 before reply to such a request. 


We endeavour to have a written reply to your request within 20 working days.


As a Tenderer/Contractor to the Council, you should be aware that the Council will have obligations and responsibilities under the Freedom of Information Act to provide on request access to recorded information held by it.  One of the consequences of these statutory responsibilities is that information that the Council holds about your organisation may be subject to disclosure, in response to a request, unless one of the various statutory exemptions applies.


If you consider that any of the information submitted/to be submitted in the Tender or Contract documents should not be disclosed because of sensitivity, then that information should be specified in a schedule together with full reasons as to why you consider it to be likely to prejudice the commercial interest of your company of a trade secret or information, the disclosure of which would constitute an actionable breach of confidence, together with a reasonable timescale during which that information should not be disclosed.


Mid Ulster District Council will consult with Tenderers, where it is considered appropriate, in relation to the release of controversial information.  Tenderers will be notified by the Council of any disclosure of information relating to them.