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Health and Social Care Academy

This fully funded Health and Social Care/Classroom Assistant Academy will support 20 eligible individuals through a bespoke training programme designed to equip participants with the skills, knowledge, experience, and confidence to begin a career in the Health and Social Care or Classroom Assistant Sectors in the Mid Ulster district. 

Applications for this programme are now open. 

Participants must:

  • Have a verifiable address within the Mid Ulster District Council and;

  • be unemployed/long term unemployed, under-employed or at risk of redundancy and reside in Mid Ulster; or

  • economically inactive for any reason (e.g. due to long term ill-health or disability, caring commitments, early retired, or any other reason).

  • Be of working age.

Accredited Qualification/s to be gained:

  • Safeguarding

  • Basic Food Hygiene

  • First Aid

  • Manual Handling​

Personal Development
All participants will have access to a dedicated Programme Mentor to provide employability support including:

  • Recruitment;

  • Attendance coaching & support;

  • Job Readiness training & development;

  • Work placement organisation & planning;

  • Job opportunity support;

  • Employability Skills development;

  • CV Writing;

  • Interview techniques;

  • Mock interviews.

All participants are guaranteed a job interview with a local company with the relevant vacancies and if needed, can avail of additional light touch mentoring for up to 6 months post-employment!

Register now by contacting Network Personnel by email at or by telephone on 028 7963 1032For more information email

Are you a Mid Ulster Employer?

Are you struggling with recruitment and retention of staff?

The Health and Social Care/Classroom Assistant Academy began to recruit participants in early December 2023 and we are currently seeking to engage local employers who can offer interview/s for participants who complete the Academy, with the understanding that sector specific training will be undertaken within the first 18 months of employment if the participant is successful at interview. 

Upon successful completion of the Academy, participants will have gained, at a minimum Safeguarding; Basic Food Hygiene; First Aid and Manual Handling qualifications. Participants will also have had employability training and development via the Academy’s mentorship element – this dedicated mentoring will continue for a further six-month period to ensure sustainability of employment. 
How to get involved
For further information, contact Network Personnel by email or telephone: 028 7963 1032.