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Labour Market Partnership Overview

The Mid Ulster Labour Market Partnership (LMP) has been established as part of the Department for Communities’ (DfC) Employability NI programme, which aims to design, procure and implement a fresh suite of employability initiatives to support people into meaningful employment. To learn more about us, watch our short video: LMP - Mid Ulster - YouTube 

With an ambitious action plan now agreed and funding confirmed by both the Department for Communities (DfC) and the Department for the Economy (DfE), the Mid Ulster LMP is working to:

  • Better understand local market needs

  • Improve employability outcomes

  • Reduce economic inactivity

  • Improve local labour market conditions, and

  • Design and deliver targeted interventions.

These interventions aim to:

  • Reduce the number of job claimants and improve economic activity

  • Reduce the disability employment gap

  • Improve the female economic activity rate.

The action plan will target residents who are:

  • Unemployed, long term unemployed, under-employed or at risk of redundancy and/or

  • Economically inactive for any reason (including due to long term ill-health or disability, caring commitments, early retired, or any other reason).

The LMP also aims to support local employers by providing:

  • Free support and training to assist with employment matters;

  • Signposting and advice;

  • Access to a labour pipeline via programmes and academies. 

If you would like a copy of the current 2023-24 Mid Ulster LMP Action Plan or the LMP Annual Report for 2022-2023, please email ​