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Key Statistics

What can Mid Ulster offer your business? 

  • A rapidly-growing population

Mid Ulster is the fastest growing Council area in Northern Ireland. Our multicultural population of 146,427 is forecast to grow to 165,000 by 2030.  Sixty-two percent of our people are of working age and 76% are economically active. We share a land border with Ireland, which means 450,000 people live within a 50km radius of our district’s boundaries – a major catchment for finding skilled employees.

  • A hub for enterprise

Mid Ulster boasts Northern Ireland’s fastest growing business base, and the largest outside of Belfast. Our region produces 7.3% of Northern Ireland’s economic output – that’s £2.075 billion in gross value added – and has been the region’s fastest growing district over the past decade. Our businesses are the most export-intensive, producing 12% of Northern Ireland’s exports.

  • A talented skilled workforce

Mid Ulster supports 55,000 jobs and its people are highly-skilled, well-educated and multilingual. We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and refreshing “make-it-happen” approach that consistently impresses investors.

We’re building on this talent pool at two award-winning universities, Queen’s University and Ulster University, in addition to further and higher education colleges, South West College, Northern Regional Council, and Loughry Campus. Work is being further underpinned by Northern Ireland’s first ever Skills Forum established in Mid Ulster.

This industry-led body works closely with the education sector to ensure that future talent aligns with the needs of business. Mid Ulster’s school leavers perform better than the Northern Irish average. Sixteen thousand students graduate from higher education in Northern Ireland each year – 4,000 with business qualifications and 3,500 with IT qualifications.

  • Strategic location and access

Mid Ulster is within 40 minutes of Belfast, 2 hours of Dublin, and 60 minutes of three international airports offering direct flights to 180 destinations in 40 countries.

  • High growth clusters

Mid Ulster is strong in many sectors and has thriving clusters in:

  • Advanced manufacturing and engineering

  • Construction and recycling equipment

  • Food / agri-food

  • Business, professional and financial services

  • Digital and creative technologies

We’re home to the world’s leading cluster of high-growth advanced manufacturing and engineering firms – over 40% of the world’s mobile crushing and screening equipment is made right here, contributing to 20% of the region’s manufacturing employment. We have a substantial number of professionals whose skills are transferable into other sectors.

  • Property solutions

Mid Ulster offers excellent property options at affordable prices – from greenfield sites to turnkey solutions already available for investors to move into. We work with our local business partners to provide investors with high-quality, fully-serviced space on flexible lease terms.

  • Innovation hotspot

Innovation is in our DNA. Mid Ulster has the highest percentage of businesses investing in research and development in the UK. The Innotech Centre at South West College and the Food Innovation Centre at Loughry Campus promote innovation by providing state-of-the-art research, development and innovation services to business and entrepreneurs. These facilities complement the world-class research facilities at Queen’s University and Ulster University.

  • You'll be in good company

Mid Ulster’s strong business base is continuously growing. A host of major multinationals have grown exponentially to become global leaders in their field exporting globally.

  • Attractive support packages

We’ll do what it takes to make your investment transition as smooth as possible. Mid Ulster Council’s Planning Department has an impressive track record of supporting businesses to invest and grow through sustainable development.

Our business support partners offer attractive financial incentives, recruitment services, training advice and financial support for research and development. It’s no wonder that 90% of businesses that locate in Mid Ulster choose to reinvest.

  • Superb quality of life

Mid Ulster offers an enviable lifestyle – a perfect combination of urban and rural living. You’ll be part of a diverse community, serviced by high-achieving schools and colleges, well-appointed leisure and cultural facilities, and plenty of affordable housing. You and your employees will enjoy a first-rate standard of living.

For help and advice

Please contact our business team at or call 03000 132 132.