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Coalisland Public Realm

Consultation took place on design concepts for a potential £2.75M public realm scheme in Coalisland in October and November 2017. WDR & RT Taggart were appointed to develop the public realm scheme designs. 

The Council is now preparing to move the project to the next stage.

Initial designs for the scheme, which includes plans for new footways and parking and loading bays, stone kerbing, street furniture and tree planting, as well as improved lighting and drainage, have been fine-tuned since the period of public consultation and further technical assessments have also been completed.

The Council is now in a position to submit a funding application to the Department for Communities (DfC), and ahead of the submission, the final details of 2 options have been published, including traffic modelling videos which show how proposed one-way traffic flows would operate in the town if adopted for Main Street and The Square.​ You can view the videos below.

Proposal 1 - One Way System on Main Street and new right hand turning lane from Barrack Square to Lineside​.

Proposal 2 - One Way System on Main Street System; One-Way system from The Square to Barrack Street.  ​

The scheme extends across the town centre, encompassing works to the Square, Main Street, Lineside, Dungannon Road, Stewartstown Road, Barrack Street, Barrack Square, Station Road and Washingbay Road.

The main objectives of the scheme are to:-

  • Create a safe, high-quality pedestrian friendly environment
  • Improve accessibility for pedestrians and vehicles; and
  • Have free flowing traffic with structured car parking.​

PDFs of the design proposals including explanatory notes can be found in the Related Documents section below.


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