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Programme Of Memorial Safety Checks To Begin

Mid Ulster District Council is to begin a programme of safety checks of headstones and memorials in local cemeteries.
In the coming months, memorials and headstones in the 5 main cemeteries currently in use and managed by the Council will be checked to identify any which may be at risk of toppling or breaking, before similar checks are carried out on a further 25 old burial grounds which are no longer in use.

The aim of the checks is to ensure that cemeteries are safe places for those who visit them and who work there, as Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Wilbert Buchanan, explained:

We anticipate that the majority of headstones and memorials will be safe and stable and this programme of checks will help us to identify any memorials where we may need to take action to stabilise them and then make contact with the grave owners.

“Our priority is to undertake the programme sensitively, ultimately ensuring that our cemeteries are safe for our visitors and staff”.

Details of the safety check programme, including an outline timetable for the work’s completion, together with the checking and stabilising processes, are available here.

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