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Council Confirms Impact Of Industrial Action In Mid Ulster

Mid Ulster District Council has confirmed the impact of two weeks of industrial action on its services.

The industrial action by members of UNITE which will affect councils across Northern Ireland, will take place in two consecutive weeks from Monday 25 April to Sunday 1 May, and from Tuesday 3 May to Sunday 8 May, and will largely affect bin collection services and two leisure centres.

From Monday 25 April to Friday 29 April, no brown bins will be collected and, if sufficient staff are available, the Council will work to collect blue bins where possible.

From Tuesday 3 May to Friday 6 May, no brown bins will be collected and if sufficient staff are available, the Council will work to collect black bins where possible.

While no collections can be guaranteed, residents are being advised to leave their blue and black bins out for collection on the normal day by 7.30am and they will be emptied where there are sufficient crews to deliver a service.

If bins are not emptied, residents are being asked to take their bins back in from the kerbside and place them out again on their next scheduled collection day during the weeks beginning 9 and 16 May 2022.

Black and brown bin collections will, however, take place as normal on Monday 2 May.

All recycling centres, with the exception of Magherafelt Recycling Centre which is closed temporarily from Monday 25 April to Monday 2 May, will remain open during the industrial action.

Meanwhile in Cookstown and Greenvale Leisure Centres, swimming pools will be closed on Monday 25 April, with the availability of swimming reviewed on a daily basis for the remainder of the week.

There will be no public swimming lessons and no school swimming lessons in either centre for the duration of the industrial action, and fitness classes will also be limited.

The Council anticipates that all other services and facilities, including cemeteries, play facilities, parks, arts and cultural facilities, will operate as normal and will keep the situation under review as the week progresses.

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