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Last remaining throwline at Coalisland Canal Vandalised

Mid Ulster District Council is once again urging those responsible for vandalism of essential lifesaving equipment at its water sites to have respect for the need for such equipment and to stop tampering with throwlines and other items, as vandals target the last remaining throwline on the Coalisland Canal pathway. 

Despite the Council undertaking weekly inspections of the site, lifesaving equipment continues to be removed or tampered with. The most recent incident was however, more malicious than other vandalism that has occurred.

The throwline at the Reenaderry carpark site where the canal meets the River Blackwater was taken down, removed from its bag and cut into lengths of approximately one metre, before being replaced in the bag and reattached to its post. 

Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Paul McLean, in condemning the vandalism, reiterated the importance of leaving throwlines in place and not tampering with them. 

“Unfortunately, instances involving the destruction of life preserving equipment are all too common at our water sites. This latest incident at Coalisland Canal must be condemned without reservation and is particularly concerning, given the malicious nature of how the throwline has been tampered with, in such a way as to hide the damage done until it was too late.

“When this equipment is damaged maliciously, the vandals can be contributing towards someone losing their life where it would otherwise be saved, and are putting at risk the lives of people from the local community who use the Coalisland Canal walk.”

The throwlines are essential potentially lifesaving equipment that can make a difference to someone in trouble in the water where they are unable to assist themselves or until rescue services can reach the scene.

Members of the public can report instances of tampering with life preserving equipment at any Council owned site by phoning the PSNI on 101, contacting the Council’s Parks and Outdoor Recreation service on 03000 132 132 or through the Council’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Throwline cut into pieces

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