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MEGA Success for Mid Ulster District Council

The Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Paul McLean held an event to celebrate the achievements of the MEGA (Manufacturing and Engineering Growth and Advancement) Collaborative Network during its first three years.
The event took place at Ranfurly House, Dungannon on Wednesday 25 May 2022 with representatives from the education sector, the Council, MEGA, Invest NI, the Department for the Economy and the Department for Communities in attendance.
MEGA is an award-winning collaborative growth network formed in 2019 between a group of eight manufacturing and engineering companies based in Mid Ulster. The network now consists of over 60 Mid Ulster companies.
MEGA represents one of the most successful collaborative growth networks supported by Invest NI’s Collaborative Growth Programme to date, having met and exceeded its original objectives.
Key achievements of the network over the last three years include: 

  • The establishment of the Industrial Training Centre (ITC) and associated welding academy in partnership with South West College (SWC).

  • The establishment of the MEGA degree apprenticeship in partnership with University of Ulster (UU) Magee campus.

  • Raising £737k in additional investment in MEGA-related activities to support the Manufacturing and Engineering sector.

  • The successful recruitment of 185 apprenticeship positions and 14 Degree Apprenticeship positions, with a further offer of 218 new apprenticeship positions available with MEGA companies in 2022. If filled these will bring MEGA’s total apprenticeship tally to 403 positions.

  • The co-ordination of sectoral communications, industry collaboration, and community response during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Winning the 2021 Mid Ulster Business Excellence Award for Excellence in People Development.

  • Effective schools engagement using a number of MEGA Ambassadors from the local sector.

Speaking on the success of the MEGA network, Chair of the Council, Councillor Paul McLean said,

"Mid Ulster is rightly recognised as the centre of manufacturing and engineering in Northern Ireland, where it accounts for 21% of the local economy and provides nearly 11,000 jobs. The sector is estimated to deliver approximately £1.67bn to the local economy and over £710m in local wages, directly and indirectly. A staggering 40% of the world’s mobile crushing and screening equipment is made in Mid Ulster.

The MEGA network is a world class collaboration and is of huge importance to the district’s economy – especially in key specialisms such as the manufacture of mining and quarrying machinery, and the production of general and special purpose machinery, which have linkages and supply chain associations with the construction, food and agri-food sectors. I am delighted to be able to recognise the enormous impact the network has had on the economy and employment in Mid Ulster, and further afield, in its first three years and look forward to seeing the many other great outcomes and successes it will continue to achieve and deliver over the years ahead.

Looking to the next three years ahead, MEGA’s goal is to “Support Mid Ulster manufacturing and engineering post-pandemic recovery by working with our partners to attract, develop and retain talent who are equipped with the skills to embrace a new era of manufacturing.”
The MEGA network is funded through Invest NI’s Collaborative Growth programme, supported by Mid Ulster District Council.
For more information on the MEGA network, email:

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