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Mid Ulster LMP Launch New Employability & Skills Register

A new Employability and Skills Register has been developed by Mid Ulster Labour Market Partnership to help both employers and residents in the area easily identify and access skills support that can help with employment, career progression or workforce development. 

Job seekers face numerous barriers to finding quality employment. Searching requires substantial effort, and often job seekers do not know where or how to find the information they need on interventions that can help them secure employment, missing out on valuable opportunities along the way. 

Those in work may also want to re- or upskill to access more opportunities to take themselves further up their career ladder or increase their salary, and employers may wish to invest in their employees to improve their company’s performance. Finding relevant, up to date information can be time consuming and difficult for all.  

Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Dominic Molloy, has welcomed the new resource, saying: 

“Research has shown that reducing information barriers helps people form more accurate expectations about their job prospects and often has far more positive job outcomes. There are many interventions that employers and residents can take advantage of, but gathering information on the wide range of initiatives available can be a never-ending task. 

“The register that has been produced by the Mid Ulster LMP takes a vast amount of information and presents it in an easily accessed document that gives a complete understanding of the existing support landscape for not only job seekers, but also those in employment and employers within our district. It is an invaluable resource for both employers and our residents, taking the hard work out of navigating such a complex and ever-changing landscape.”

An accessible version of the register will be held on Mid Ulster District Council’s website at and will be updated on a regular basis. A copy can also be requested directly from the Mid Ulster LMP. 

Local employers can also review the priorities of the Mid Ulster Labour Market Partnership Action Plan on the Council’s website, or request a copy of the plan in full by emailing the Mid Ulster LMP team.