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Restoration of Dam at Dungannon Park to Commence

In the months ahead, the restoration of the unique masonry dam within the grounds of Dungannon Park will commence as Mid Ulster District Council is poised to start a regeneration project to restore and maintain the centuries old asset.

A striking feature of the Park’s lake, the dam was first constructed in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s when the then owner, the first Viscount Northland created an ornamental lake on his estate. The stone masonry (relatively uncommon for that time) spans 60 metres and creates a stunning waterfall effect as the water flows from the reservoir, over the dam and downstream to Moygashel along the Roan River and eventually into the Blackwater River. 

Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Dominic Molloy welcomed the restoration works, saying: 

“The dam in Dungannon Park is a visually and audibly stunning part of the Park and lends a sense of calm and tranquillity to the experience that visitors walking in the Park can enjoy. This project will restore the dam walls to their original condition and, more importantly, preserve the site from further deterioration, thereby creating a living historical site for future generations of our residents to enjoy.”

Works are being project managed by MEA Limited, and will include the restoration of the masonry wall, which will entail the lowering of the water levels to allow for structural repairs, sealing the masonry works, and repointing the stonework. 

Repairs to the value, pipeline and chamber works will also be completed when the water levels are lowered. A replacement fish screen will be installed to ensure the fish stocks can be maintained, and additional landscaping and boundary fencing will be completed.  

There will be limited disruption to users of the Park with no path closures being anticipated. Works will commence as soon as possible when a weather window opens to allow for construction to be completed. 

For further information or any queries, contact Dungannon Park reception on 028 8772 8690 or email