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Local Development Plan

Mid Ulster District Council is responsible for the preparation of a Local Development Plan for the District. 

The purpose of the Mid Ulster District Council Local Development Plan, comprising the Plan Strategy and Local Policies Plan, is to inform the general public, statutory authorities, developers and other interested bodies of the policy framework and land use proposals that will implement the strategic objectives of the Regional Development Strategy and guide development decisions within Mid Ulster District Council up to 2030.

This Plan Strategy is the first stage of a two stage Local Development Plan for the District.  The Local Development Plan will also consist of the Local Policies Plan (LPP), which is the second stage of the plan making process.

A consultation exercise was previously carried out on the Local Development Plan 2030 – Draft Plan Strategy (from February to April 2019).  However, the council has since identified a procedural error in relation to the original consultation and therefore, we are now re-consulting on the Local Development Plan 2030 – Draft Plan Strategy. 

Mid Ulster District Council is re-consulting on its Local Development Plan 2030 - Draft Plan Strategy ​. The re-consultation period is currently set for a period of 8 weeks commencing at 10am on 25 March 2020. The re-consultation was due to close at 5pm on 21 May 2020.
In light of the current circumstances and issues being faced with COVID19, the Council will be extending the closing date of the re-consultation and agreeing new dates for public exhibition events.  Due to the present situation, we do not yet have an agreed date for the new re-consultation deadline. 

As soon as that date is available, we will communicate this by way of a further public notice and place the information here. 



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