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Representations received to Local Development Plan 2030 - Draft Plan Strategy

Mid Ulster District Council published its Local Development Plan 2030 - Draft Plan Strategy on 22nd February 2019 and public consultation and re-consultation on it have now closed.

The representations are available to view online below, or in hard copy for inspection during the hours 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday by appointment from Wednesday 21st October 2020 at the three principal council offices at: 

  • Burn Road, Cookstown, BT80 8DT
  • Circular Road, Dungannon, BT71 6DT
  • Ballyronan Road, Magherafelt, BT45 6EN

Please telephone 03000 132 132 for an appointment. Social distancing measures will apply to anyone visiting these offices.

Counter representations can be made during the period Thursday 22nd October 2020 and no later than 5pm Friday 18th December 2020.

Annex A – Overview of Status of Original (2019) Representations to DPS.

Reference Number Company                                 
MUDPS/1 Helen Moran
MUDPS/2 Sean Donnelly
MUDPS/3 Oonagh Given Chartered Town Planner
MUDPS/4 Sign Reload
MUDPS/5 NI Co-Ownership Housing Association
MUDPS/6 Alastair Lings
MUDPS/7 Translink
MUDPS/8 Coalisland Traders Association
MUDPS/9 Rafferty and Donaghy Solicitors
MUDPS/10 Department of Communities
MUDPS/11 Robin Brown
MUDPS/12 Lightsource BP
MUDPS/13 Regional Planning and Community Specialist
MUDPS/14 One2one Planning
MUDPS/15 Gibson Design and Build
MUDPS/16 Thomas John Johnston
MUDPS/17 Newtownabbey Borough Council
MUDPS/19 Sky UK Limited
MUDPS/20 WPD Telecoms
MUDPS/21 Department of Education
MUDPS/22 Monaghan County Council
MUDPS/23 C.McIlvar Ltd
MUDPS/24 Jeremy Skelton
MUDPS/25 Ward Design
MUDPS/26 Wardell Armstrong LLP
MUDPS/27 Oriel Planning
MUDPS/28 Damien Gates
MUDPS/29 Mineral Product Association NI
MUDPS/30 John McGuiness
MUDPS/31 Department for the Economy
MUDPS/32 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/33 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/34 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/35 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/36 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/37 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/38 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/39 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/40 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/41 Northern Ireland Renewables Industry Group
MUDPS/42 Inaltus Ltd
MUDPS/43 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/44 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/45 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/46 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/47 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/48 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/49 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/50 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/51 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/52 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/53 J.Aidan Kelly Ltd
MUDPS/54 Ward Design
MUDPS/55 Ciaran McElhone
MUDPS/56 Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council
MUDPS/57 Ward Design
MUDPS/58 Oonagh Given Chartered Town Planner
MUDPS/60 Turley
MUDPS/61 Sinn Fein
MUDPS/62 Pat McBride Planning Consultant
MUDPS/63 Daly O'Neill Associates Ltd
MUDPS/64 FP McCann
MUDPS/65 Erins Own GAC
MUDPS/66 Rural Community Network
MUDPS/67 Ward Design
MUDPS/68 Killyman Community Forum
MUDPS/69 Michael Herron Architects
MUDPS/70 Josephine Clark
MUDPS/71 Love Screen Stop Mining
MUDPS/72 Andrew Nethercott
MUDPS/73 Shores of Traad Community Group
MUDPS/74 CD Consulting
MUDPS/75 Ward Design
MUDPS/76 Turley
MUDPS/77 Department for Communities
MUDPS/78 Turley
MUDPS/79 Studio Forty Four
MUDPS/80 Studio Forty Four
MUDPS/82 Quarryplan
MUDPS/83 Turley
MUDPS/84 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/85 Northern Ireland Housing Executive
MUDPS/86 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/87 MBA Planning
MUDPS/88 Shores of Traad Community Group
MUDPS/89 Fermanagh and Omagh District Council
MUDPS/90 Councillor J McNamee
MUDPS/91 Eirgrid
MUDPS/92 Chartered Institute of Housing Northern Ireland
MUDPS/93 Ward Design
MUDPS/94 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/95 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/96 Renewable Energy Systems Limited
MUDPS/97 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/98 Gravis Planning
MUDPS/99 Gravis Planning
MUDPS/100 Donaldson Planning
MUDPS/101 Quarryplan
MUDPS/102 Quarryplan
MUDPS/103 Quarryplan
MUDPS/104 Quarryplan
MUDPS/105 Quarryplan
MUDPS/106 Quarryplan
MUDPS/107 Quarryplan
MUDPS/108 Quarryplan
MUDPS/109 Quarryplan
MUDPS/110 Quarryplan
MUDPS/111 Quarryplan
MUDPS/112 Quarryplan
MUDPS/113 Quarryplan
MUDPS/114 Quarryplan
MUDPS/115 Department for Infrastructure
MUDPS/116 Maghera Park Action Group
MUDPS/117 CD Consulting
MUDPS/118 Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations
MUDPS/119 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/120 Friends of the Earth
MUDPS/121 Shores of Traad Community
MUDPS/122 Shores of Traad Community
MUDPS/123 Secretary, Shores of Traad Community Group
MUDPS/124 Ward Design
MUDPS/125 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/126 2Plan NI
MUDPS/127 2Plan NI
MUDPS/128 2Plan NI
MUDPS/129 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/130 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/131 Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
MUDPS/132 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/133 Turley
MUDPS/134 Department for Communities
MUDPS/135 Donaldson Planning
MUDPS/136 Juno Planning and Environmental Ltd
MUDPS/137 WYG Planning
MUDPS/138 WYG Planning
MUDPS/139 WYG Planning
MUDPS/140 Ward Design
MUDPS/141 Standing our Ground Women of the Sperrins
MUDPS/142 Briege Coyle
MUDPS/143 Ward Design
MUDPS/144 McKenna family
MUDPS/145 WYG Planning
MUDPS/146 Traad Wildlife and Conservation Club
MUDPS/147 Turley
MUDPS/148 Retail NI
MUDPS/149 The Historic Monuments Council
MUDPS/150 Turley
MUDPS/151 TC Town Planning
MUDPS/152 TC Town Planning
MUDPS/153 Turley
MUDPS/154 TSA Planning
MUDPS/155 TC Town Planning
MUDPS/156 TC Town Planning
MUDPS/157 Jobling Planning and Environment Ltd
MUDPS/158 TC Town Planning
MUDPS/159 Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council
MUDPS/160 MBA Planning
MUDPS/162 Protect Slieve Gallion
MUDPS/163 Shores of Traad Community Group
MUDPS/164 Fleming Mountstephen Planning
MUDPS/165 MBA Planning
MUDPS/166 Ward Design
MUDPS/169 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/170 NI Water - Asset Delivery Directive
MUDPS/171 TSA Planning
MUDPS/172 TSA Planning
MUDPS/173 Ward Design
MUDPS/174 The National Trust
MUDPS/175 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/176 Inaltus Limited
MUDPS/177 Derrytresk Community Committee
MUDPS/178 Pat Haughey
MUDPS/179 Ulster Architectural Heritage
MUDPS/180 Shane Bradley
MUDPS/181 Concerned Broughderg Residents Association
MUDPS/182 Concerned Broughderg Residents Association
MUDPS/183 Ward Design
MUDPS/184 T A Gourley Planning Consultancy
MUDPS/185 T A Gourley Planning Consultancy
MUDPS/186 T A Gourley Planning Consultancy
MUDPS/187 T A Gourley Planning Consultancy
MUDPS/188 T A Gourley Planning Consultancy
MUDPS/189 T A Gourley Planning Consultancy
MUDPS/190 Invest NI - Property Solutions Unit
MUDPS/191 Pauline McHenry
MUDPS/192 Ross Planning
MUDPS/193 Mrs Aileen Drumm
MUDPS/194 Kerry McCrory
MUDPS/195 Mr Laurance McCrory
MUDPS/196 Mr Shaun McCrory
MUDPS/197 Lucie-Marie McCrory
MUDPS/198 Tiarnan McNamee
MUDPS/199 Michael McNamee
MUDPS/200 Mary McNamee
MUDPS/201 Stephen McNamee
MUDPS/202 B McNamee
MUDPS/203 Ms Paula McKenzie
MUDPS/204 Harry Hutchinson
MUDPS/206 Clyde Shanks
MUDPS/207 David Whittle
MUDPS/208 Michael Convery
MUDPS/209 Marcus Patton
MUDPS/210 Robin Gibson
MUDPS/211 Patrick Mulholland
MUDPS/212 Orla Mulholland
MUDPS/213 Siobhan Corcoran
MUDPS/214 UUP Group
MUDPS/215 Turley
MUDPS/216 Fergal Gormely
MUDPS/217 Patrick Curran
MUDPS/218 Seamus Curran 
MUDPS/219 Clare Curran
MUDPS/220 Martina Curran
MUDPS/221 Inaltus
MUDPS/222 Corry Consulting
MUDPS/223 Sheila Curtin
MUDPS/224 Sheila Curtin
MUDPS/225 Sheila Curtin
MUDPS/226 Sheila Curtin
MUDPS/227 Sheila Curtin
MUDPS/228 Sheila Curtin
MUDPS/229 Sheila Curtin
MUDPS/230 TSA Planning
MUDPS/231 O'Callaghan Planning
MUDPS/232 Galbally GAC
MUDPS/233 MKA Planning
MUDPS/234 RPS Group
MUDPS/235 Hugh Graham
MUDPS/236 Conway Group
MUDPS/237 Clarman and Co
MUDPS/238 O'Callaghan Planning
MUDPS/239 O'Callaghan Planning
MUDPS/240 O'Callaghan Planning
MUDPS/241 O'Callaghan Planning