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Plan Documents

MUDC101 Local Development Plan - Draft Plan Strategy 2030
MUDC102 SA (Incorporating SEA) Report – February 2019
MUDC103 SA (Incorporating SEA) Interim Report – November 2016
MUDC104 Sustainability Appraisal (Incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment) Scoping Report – June 2016
MUDC105 EQIA Screening Report – Feb 2019
MUDC106 Rural Needs Impact Assessment – February 2019
MUDC107 Draft Habitats Regulation Assessment – February 2019
MUDC108  Draft Plan Strategy Proposal Map 1a
MUDC109 Draft Plan Strategy Proposal Map 1b
MUDC110 Draft Plan Strategy Proposal Map 1c
MUDC111 Draft Plan Strategy Proposal Map 1d
MUDC112 Draft Plan Strategy Proposal Map 1e
MUDC113 Draft Plan Strategy Proposal Map 1f
MUDC114 Draft Plan Strategy – Consultation Report – Consideration of Issues Raised in Representations and Counter Representations – April 2021
MUDC115 Preferred Options Paper – November 2016
MUDC116 Preferred Options Paper Public Consultation Report – January 2019
MUDC117 Preferred Options Paper, Easy Read – November 2016
MUDC118 Representations to the draft Plan Strategy
MUDC119 Representations received in accordance with Regulation 18(2) of The Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015
(‘Counter Representations’)

Evidence Papers – Position Papers, Policy Reviews and other Background Evidence

MUDC201 Position Paper 1 – Population Growth, September 2014
MUDC202 Position Paper 2 – Housing, November 2014
MUDC203 Position Paper 3 – Employment and Economic Development, February 2015
MUDC204 Position Paper 4 – Town Centres and opportunity Sites, March 2015
MUDC205 Position Paper 6 – Utilities, May 2015
MUDC206 Position Paper 7 – Open Space, Recreation and Leisure
MUDC207 Preparatory Study – Transportation, May 2015
MUDC208 Position Paper 8 – Tourism, June 2015
MUDC209 Position Paper – Housing Allocation, July 2015
MUDC210 Position Paper – Landscape Assessment, September 2015
MUDC211 Position Paper – Environmental Assets, July 2015
MUDC212 Position Paper – Development Pressure Analysis, September 2015
MUDC213 Position Paper - Minerals, January 2016
MUDC214 Position Paper – Health, Education and Community Uses, January 2016
MUDC215 Position Paper – Strategic Settlement Evaluation – July 2015
MUDC216 Policy Review – Open Space, Recreation and Leisure, April 2015
MUDC217 Policy Review – Waste Management, April 2015
MUDC218 Policy Review – Archaeology and Built Heritage, February 2016
MUDC219 Policy Review – Economic Development, February 2016
MUDC220 Transportation Policy Review, February 2016
MUDC221 Urban Design Policy Review, April 2016
MUDC222 Policy Review – Flood Risk – April 2016
MUDC223 Policy Review – General Planning Policy
MUDC224 Policy Review – Housing in Settlements, Quality Residential Environments, April 2016
MUDC225 Policy Review – Minerals Development, April 2016
MUDC226 Policy Review – Natural Heritage, February 2016
MUDC227 Policy Review – Renewable Energy, April 2016
MUDC228 Policy Review – Sustainable Development in the Countryside, April 2016
MUDC229 Telecommunications and Overhead Cables (Policy Review) – May 16
MUDC230 Policy Review Paper – Tourism, June 2016
MUDC231 Town Centres and Retailing – Policy Review
MUDC232 Addendum to Paper considering TOZ’s and TCZ’s
MUDC233 Background Evidence Paper – Tourism Opportunity Zones and Tourism Conservation Zones
MUDC234 Addendum – Public Utilities – Revised WWTW figures, January 2019
MUDC235 Addendum to Strategic Settlement Evaluation Paper, January 2019
MUDC236 Position Paper 3 – Addendum – Employment and Economic Development
MUDC237 Background Evidence Paper – Defining Countryside
MUDC238 Background Evidence Paper – Identification of ACMD and Impact on Surface Development, January 2019
MUDC239 Background Evidence Paper – Renewable Energy
MUDC240 Background Evidence Paper – Rural Industrial Policy Areas
MUDC241 Background Evidence Paper – High Sperrins and Clogher Valley AOCWTHS
MUDC242 Background Evidence Paper – Lough Neagh and Lough Beg SCA
MUDC243 Background Evidence Paper – High Sperrins and Slieve Beagh SCA
MUDC244 Background Evidence Paper – Mineral Development, February 2018


MUDC301 Retails and Commercial Leisure Capacity Study, March 2020
MUDC302 Industrial Monitor, October 2018
MUDC303 Urban Capacity Study, March 2021
MUDC304 Review and Audit of Landscape Character Assessment Review, October 2018
MUDC305 Housing Monitor Report 2019-2020 (August 2020)
MUDC306 Housing Monitor Report 2015-2019


MUDC401 Landscape Character Assessment Review
MUDC402 Addendum to Landscape Character Assessment Review, March 2021
MUDC403 Implications of Covid – 19 on the draft Plan Strategy, March 2021
MUDC404 Summary of Main Issues – May 2021
MUDC405 Soundness Self-Assessment Checklist – May 2021
MUDC406 Proof of Compliance with SCI – May 2021
MUDC407 Self Assessment – Compliance with LDP Regulations, May 2021
MUDC408 Report on draft Plan Strategy and Linkages to the Marine Plan, March 2021

 Statements of Common Ground

MUDC501 Cross Border Forum Statement of Common Ground
MUDC502 Sperrins Forum draft Statement of Common Ground

 Other Strategies/Documents

MUDC601 Statement of Community Involvement – 3 versions
MUDC602 Mid Ulster Local Development Plan Timetable – 3 versions
MUDC603 Copies of public notices referred to in Regulations 10(a)(iv), 15(a)(iv) and 17 (1)(a)(iii) of The Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015
MUDC604 Schedule of Minor Corrections


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