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Support for Ukraine

There is a groundswell of support across Mid Ulster for the people of Ukraine and as always, our community and voluntary sector is responding to coordinate aid for the country.

This is a list of those organisations which are currently accepting donations in Mid Ulster.

If you know of an organisation which is collecting for Ukraine and is not listed here, please let us know by emailing and we will add the details.

Information on housing or sponsoring a refugee, can be found on the NI Direct website.
Information for Ukrainians Arriving in Northern Ireland can also be found on the NI Direct website including a Welcome Pack, a Guide for Sponsors and available Assistance Centres

Financial Donations

To make a financial donation:

Help and Support

Providing information and advice for EU citizens in Mid Ulster with extended family in Ukraine re. visa access to UK;  updates on Home Office information; access to free immigration advice; links to other support within UK  and  Republic of Ireland. Call 028 8775 0211.

Mid Ulster Organisations

Dungannon Free Presbyterian Church
The Church is supporting the work of 3 partner agencies (Slavic Gospel Association, Faith in Action Missions and Betania Baptist Church, Timisoara, Romania) via financial donations.

For You, Dungannon
Non perishable food, first aid ( bandages etc), toiletries and nappies, hygiene products, medical supplies.

Gortalowry House Project
Non perishable food and medical supplies. No clothes please.

Halo Helping Hands
Medical supplies, clothing, bedding and toiletries as well as hygiene and baby items.

Hope For Youth Ministries
Picking up collections for Ukraine from all over Northern Ireland, including Mid Ulster locations.  

Magherafelt Reds
Donations of blankets, bed clothes, towels, sleeping bags (clean), dressings, bandages- factory packed, warm socks, underwear- male female child (new), toiletries, toilet roll and paper towels, nappies, sanitary towels, wet wipes, paper plates, cups, single use cutlery, ready to eat canned food (not requiring heating or further cooking), dry foods ie fruits, nuts, crackers, cornflakes, rice crackers, coffee, tea, salt, sugar, bottled water, juices and other beverages.

Vineyard Church, Dungannon