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Pomeroy Public Realm Scheme

The Public Realm Scheme to upgrade the village centre, including access works at QEII Primary School, will enhance the look and feel of the village centre.

Stage 3 drawings of the planned public realm works in Pomeroy village are now available.

These works will include the upgrade and enhancement of the village centre in terms of paving, street lighting, street furniture and planting, creating a high quality public space to encourage better access for all people including those with mobility or sensory issues.  

Please note: 
Further amendments may be made at Stage 4 (detailed design), and any updated drawings will be made available.

A map of the landscape proposals for the Pomeroy Public Realm Scheme.
Stage 3 drawings of the planned public realm works in Pomeroy village can be viewed in the conference room at the Rowan Tree Centre, Pomeroy, where measures to ensure Covid-19 compliance will be in place.

If you can't make it to the Rowan Tree Centre, you can also request the design drawings to be sent by email by contacting Hannah McCabe at the details below.

Project Timelines
Planning permission has now been submitted with works currently scheduled to commence in June 2021. We welcome any feedback or queries you have on the scheme or the overall Connecting Pomeroy Project.  

Hannah McCabe on 03000 132 132 Ext 24626, mobile 07795417155 or email at

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