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Our Shared Community

Many areas were identified by the Good Relations Audit, which require addressing through the Good Relations Action Plan  (March 2018 Locus Management Consultancy):

Mid Ulster Council

> Segregation in terms of education, housing and sport across the district results in limited opportunities for people from different traditions to interact

The online survey generated the following findings:
>  78% of respondents reported that the need for greater engagement between people of different backgrounds was a top priority for the Mid Ulster area,
>  46% of respondents reported that a shared space was a top priority for the Mid Ulster area

> Communities continue to operate single identity activities rather than reach out to wider and neighbouring communities and there is a need to develop a greater number of shared spaces within areas / local communities where people can come together

> There is a need to further develop and sustain existing shared spaces through the resourcing of activities / events that will encourage increased and sustained use of existing shared spaces

> Resourcing for shared community based activities and events is important for engaging grass roots organisations in the development and delivery of good relations projects

> There is a need to overcome perceptions of shared space and ensure that spaces are welcoming, accessible and visited by all sections of the community

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