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Report Dead Wild Birds

New Way to Report Dead Wild Birds.

DAERA has recently launched a ‘Dead Wild Bird Online Form’ a new tool designed to enhance surveillance and make the reporting of any findings of dead wild birds easier.
The reporting of dead wild birds is a key component of the Department’s Avian Influenza (AI) surveillance to help understand if the virus is present in Northern Ireland (NI) and how it is distributed geographically. 
Currently dead waterfowl (swans, geese, or ducks) or other wild birds, such as gulls or birds of prey, are reported to the DAERA telephone helpline, but members of the public are encouraged to report any sightings of dead wild birds via this new reporting tool.
For further information on the new reporting tool and what to do if you find a dead wild bird, please see the Wild Birds and Advice for the Public section on the DAERA website.
The new DAERA Dead Wild Bird Online Form can be accessed here.

Other useful information can be found at: