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03000 132 132

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Planning Clinics

To help make the Council’s Planning service more accessible to all Mid Ulster residents, free Planning Clinics will take place in the Cookstown and Dungannon offices every week.

As Mid Ulster District Council’s Planning Department is based in the Magherafelt office permanently, the Planning Clinics will take place in the Council offices in Cookstown every Monday between 10.30am – 12 noon and in the Dungannon offices every Friday between 11am – 1pm.

A professional Planning Officer will attend each clinic and will be able to provide information or address queries on various important topics including:

  • Applying for Planning Permission

When you need to apply for planning permission, how to do so and what the fee will be; as well as details of where you can locate other relevant information.

  • Current applications

A copy of the Public Register file for an application you are interested in can be made available for inspection and detailed plans explained to enable you to understand how a proposed development may affect you.

  • The Planning Process

How your own planning application or an application you are interested in will be processed and the stages it will go through. How you can keep abreast of developments and at what stages you can get involved.

  • The Local Development Plan

Information on how we will develop our plan for the area, how the public will be informed and how you can contribute to the process.

  • Other

Queries relating to other issues such as Conservation, Tree Preservation or Breaches of Planning Control.

Planning clinics are not 'branches' of the Departmental office and should not be used to submit planning applications and other documents or to view historical files.

Access to the clinic is by appointment only and therefore if no appointments have been made, a Planning Officer will not be on site. It is essential that when making an appointment you give some details of your query so the attending officer can prepare.

Please note that photocopying facilities may not be available at the clinics but that requests for copies of documents can be made and, if necessary these will be referred to the main departmental office to be processed. Charges may apply and these are payable in advance.

To book an appointment at one of the clinics, contact the Planning Department on 03000 132 132 or Email: planning@midulstercouncil.org. ​