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Requesting Speaking Rights at a Planning Committee or a Deferral

Our Planning Committee is open to the public, except where confidential matters are to be discussed.
Requests to speak on a planning application or to request a deferral of an item must be received no later than 12.00pm two working days prior to the meeting.
The request should state whether you wish to speak in support or in opposition to a planning application or why you are seeking a deferral. Any written information that the speaker wishes to circulate to members of the committee must also be provided at this time (information received after this time will not be circulated).
Please use the form below to request speaking rights.
Please indicate from the drop down menu whether you are requesting speaking rights or deferral.
Please indicate from the drop down menu whether you are speaking for or against the application.

You may alternatively request speaking rights by writing to this address:
Mid Ulster District Council
Democratic Services
15 Circular Road
BT71 6DT
Democratic Services will confirm if speaking rights or a deferral are granted.
The Planning Committee may seek clarification from those who speak on any issue raised by them but will not enter into debate.  Further information on the operation of the Committee can be found in our Planning Protocol.

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