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Planning Service Information

Councils are now responsible for delivering planning functions and you can find out about planning in Mid Ulster in this section.

For more information on planning policy and legislation, advice and guidance, and to view planning applications, visit the Planning Portal For Northern Ireland. 

What is the Council's Planning Service responsible for?

  • Receiving and making decisions on the majority of planning applications
  • Enforcing breaches of planning permission
  • Making tree preservation orders (TPOs)
  • Producing a local development plan which will outline how land in Mid Ulster should be used and developed in the future

*Regionally significant developments and called-in applications will be decided by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI). 

How does the Council make planning decisions?

The Council makes planning decisions through its Planning Committee. The Planning Committee will make decisions about:

  • All major applications

  • All approvals which have received objections

  • All refusals

The Council will delegate approval decisions to its planning manager for local applications which are not controversial and are in line with planning policy.
Regionally significant planning applications will be considered and decided by the Department of the Environment.

How do I see current planning applications?

You can use the Planning Portal for Northern Ireland to see detailed information, including maps and plans, for current planning applications.

How do I pay my planning fee?

You can pay your fee:

  • By cheque (payable to Mid Ulster District Council)

  • In cash 

Please note that we currently don’t offer an online application or payment service.

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