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Full Plans Application

What is a full plans application?
Detailed plans of the proposals are submitted to the council and when found to be in compliance with the building regulations a ‘Notice of Passing of Building Plans’ is issued.

How do I make an application?
Contact the Building Control service for an application form and submit it, along with two copies of detailed plans and the required plan fee.

The application must be submitted to the Council before work starts on site.

What fee is payable?
A ‘plan fee’ is required. Please note the application is not valid unless and until the correct plan fee has been received.  A fee calculator is available to help calculate the cost.

What happens when an application is submitted?
When a valid application is received this will be assigned to a Building Control Officer. You will receive an ‘acknowledgement of the application, together with confirmation of the name of the Building Control Officer to whom the application has been assigned and the period of time within which we will endeavour to examine the proposals.

The Building Control Officer will examine the submission to ensure compliance with the relevant building regulations. Where deficiencies are identified amended and/or additional information may be requested. If and when the plans are found to be in compliance with the regulations a ‘Notice of Passing of Building Plans’ will be issued. The approval is valid for a period of three years.

An inspection fee is payable when work starts on site.
Building Control staff will inspect the work as it progresses on site. Notice must be given to the Council at commencement of work and at various stages during the construction.

When the work is complete and provided the requirements of the regulations have been met a ‘Completion Certificate’ will be issued.

If you have any questions contact the Building Control service on 03000 132 132 or email our Building Control Service.