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Entertainment Licences

Applying for an Entertainment Licence

Where persons are admitted to a premises for the purposes of entertainment (subject to charges), a licence must first be obtained from the Council.​

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There are generally two main types of entertainment: Indoor and Outdoor.

Indoor Entertainment

  • Music, singing and dancing

  • Theatrical performances

  • Circuses

  • Boxing, wrestling, karate matches or exhibitions

  • Snooker or pool matches or exhibitions

  • Video machines, pool and snooker tables

Outdoor Entertainment

This is entertainment of a musical nature that takes place in the open air and on private land.  Premises must meet certain technical requirements before a licence can be granted and must comply with any conditions attached to a licence once issued.

Eligibility Criteria

A licence may not be granted, renewed or transferred if the applicant has been convicted of an offence of either providing unlicensed entertainment, or providing entertainments otherwise than in accordance with the licence terms and conditions within 5 years preceding the date of the application.

Regulation Summary

The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (NI) Order 1985

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