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Play Near Me

Play, especially outdoors, is fundamental for children's health and well-being and development.

Our residents and visitors have access to over 120 great play parks and outdoor spaces, so there's always a place to play near you.

Please note: The safety of children using our play parks and prevention of playground falls is our main consideration. Some play parks with soft surfaces made from rubber may be adversely affected in certain weather conditions, in particular snow and ice, with slippery areas forming that could make a playground fall more likely and more dangerous if it does happen. 

In these instances, we may temporarily close the affected play area until the ice can be treated or melts. Signage will be put in place to inform visitors and if the weather forecast gives ground frost, we advise contacting our Parks team in advance if you are planning to travel to a specific park.  

Find a play area near you on our Play Park location map

Many of our childhood memories are reminiscent of climbing trees, making dens, jumping in puddles, making mud pies, rolling down hills, playing with water, chasing, hide and seek, climbing. It will be no surprise then to learn that when children talk about their preferred play experiences, they more often than not cite outdoor play as their favourite activity.