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Play Areas Community Based Consultation


Mid Ulster District Council are committed to developing public park space and increasing the open and green areas for all members of the community, where possible. 

As part of its Public Parks and Play Five Year Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025, an in-depth study of current provision was carried out resulting in a series of recommendations for differing play areas across Mid Ulster, focusing on redevelopment, upgrade and maintenance of the sites. 

Recognising the importance of play on our children’s development, the aim of the Five Year Plan is to deliver high-quality spaces that offer meaningful play opportunities for all children equally across the district, with enriching experiences and choice to allow all children of all abilities to play together. 

Council are commencing year one of the Plan’s capital programme, during which three play areas have been recommended for upgrade: 

  • Jacksonville, Moygashel: currently a Multi-Use Games Area site, it is recommended that it becomes a Local Equipped Area for Play. This would provide a range of equipment for early school age children. 

  • Monrush Cookstown: currently a Local Equipped Area for Play site, it is recommended that that it becomes a Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play. This would provide a significant range of different types of play equipment, mainly for older children but also having opportunities for play for younger children. 

  • Glenburn, Magherafelt: currently an open green space with potential for play and community development. 

Community Consultation 

It is important to seek the views of children, young people and others in the community so they can be involved and participate in the development of the environment they live (and will be playing) in. 

We will be holding a series of table top sessions at each site, during which design signs showing graphics of the proposed upgrade elements for that play area will be displayed. 

Children, young people and adults will be able to feed back their views on whether the designs meet their aspirations and whether they think the proposed play areas would be beneficial to their communities. 

Individuals and families from the Jacksonville, Monrush and Glenburn areas are invited to attend the session for their play areas on the following days: 

  • Jacksonville, Moygashel Play Park: Wednesday 2nd February, 2pm – 6pm

  • Monrush Play Park, Cookstown: Thursday 3rd February, 2pm – 6pm 

  • Glenburn (open green space), Magherafelt: Friday 4th February, 2pm – 6pm

The information gathered from comments will be used to further inform the design where appropriate prior to work starting, and will be greatly valued.