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Digital Transformation Themes

Our Digital Transformation Strategy has 6 themes:

Digital mindset and culture

We will support our leaders and staff to be confident with and welcoming of technology innovation, so they can better understand and serve our citizens and have a more enjoyable working life. We’ll learn how to embrace new mindsets and new ways of working, to create a modern digital age organisation where innovation and continuous improvement can flourish.

Person centred

Our services should be designed around the needs of our citizens. We’ll collect appropriate data about what they need and check that our services meet that need. We consider our staff as valued users of our services and central to our service design and delivery. We’ll use technology to reduce unnecessary processes and allow staff to focus on the people of Mid Ulster.

Collaboration and engagement

We will give our citizens, staff, businesses and visitors the opportunity to be involved in the redesign of our digital services. This will make them better for everyone effected. We will work in the open across organisational boundaries, sharing our learning as we go. We will gather ideas and feedback from our staff and customers about how to improve our services.

Sharing information and data, evidencing improvements

We’ll learn to be better at sharing and using the data we have. We’ll capture evidence about our service delivery before we make improvements, so that we can measure the impact, and ensure we are spending our time and resources wisely. Where it’s safe to do so, we’ll share information about our services openly so that others can learn from it and we’ll use data sources outside our organisation to improve our services.

Rethink and simplify processes

Some of our processes are manual and clunky. We’ll use modern technology to rethink and simplify our processes and make all of them available online. Our goal is to make our digital services so good that people choose to use them. We’ll support those who do not currently use digital channels, so no one is excluded. 

Technology and tools that enable better services

We recognise that technology doesn’t make things better on its own. We’ll focus our technology investments on delivering great services online, communicating digitally, and giving our staff the skills, data and tools to make better decisions more quickly. We’ll aim to ensure our systems can talk to each other securely to reduce the need for manual processing.