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Digital Transformation Workstreams

Our Digital Transformation Strategy has 3 workstreams:

Each workstream has a series of associated outcomes (how will we measure success, what will we achieve, what difference will staff and residents notice) and associated action (what specific actions, projects, investments, will be taken on).

This is our commitment to making change.

Digital Culture, People and Capability:
We will foster a digital culture across our Council by creating digital leaders at all levels of our organisation who demonstrate digital thinking. We will support them to be confident with new technology and to develop the specific skills needed to support our digital transformation journey.

Digital Services:
We aim to create seamless, data-driven digital services for our customers. We will identify, prioritise, build or improve services so that where possible they are offered digitally/online by default, while also ensuring that those who cannot access digital channels receive the same high-quality service.

Digital Infrastructure:
We will invest in modern digital tools and build upon our ICT infrastructure to improve the communication, digital service creation, data analysis and automation capability available to all departments.