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Children's Lessons

Would you like your child to learn to swim? Our Swimming Academy lessons are offered from Cookstown, Dungannon and Greenvale Leisure Centres. 

Lessons are tailor-made to accommodate all ages and ability, from 4 years old. They aim to enhance and progress swimming skills and water confidence, and are expertly delivered in 30 minute sessions by our STA qualified swimming instructors.

Find the right lesson for your child 

Our swimming lessons are designed to progress your child through stages of ability, so the earlier you start the better! 

To find out where your child can start, read our swimming levels explained information.

When do lessons take place? 

Mid Ulster Swim Academy runs 48 weeks of the year, in four blocks of ranging from 11 to 14 weeks in length, depending on how public holidays fall.  

Swimming Terms 2023  
Term One
(12 weeks)
Monday 2 January to Saturday 25 March 
(excluding Friday 17 March) 
Term Two
(12 weeks)
Monday 27 March to Saturday 24 June
(excluding Easter from Friday 7 to Thursday 13 April)
Term Three
(12 weeks)
Monday 26 June to Saturday 23 September 
(excluding July holidays w/c Monday 10 July)
Term Four 
(12 weeks)
Monday 25 September to Saturday 16 December 

Your child is assessed towards the end of each block and once they have achieved the required progression for that level is moved up to the next level. 

Depending on the centre, lessons take place throughout the week and at weekends.

How do I book?

Once enrolled, we guarantee your place in each set of lessons, as your child moves through the levels at their own pace. 

Each term, once all the places in each level are allocated to those already enrolled, the remaining places for each level will go on general sale for new pupils to join where they are best suited by individual ability.  

How do I pay?

Designed to be affordable and flexible to fit your budget, we offer a range of payment options:

  • By direct debit: you can spread the cost of lessons out on a monthly basis via our direct debit option – this is £20.40 per month - you can ask to be placed on this payment schedule by speaking with a member of staff.

  • By debit or credit card: payment is accepted at centre reception 

  • By phone: contact your chosen centre

Will spectating facilities be open for parents and/or guardians to watch their children during lessons?

Facilities will try to accommodate viewing where physically practical, but will be limited to one person only in some of the sites, due to COVID-19 regulations:

  • Cookstown: places are restricted in the viewing gallery to maintain social distancing

  • Dungannon: places are restricted in the viewing gallery to maintain social distancing 

  • Magherafelt: restricted area with limited places available in the viewing gallery in order to maintain social distancing, with a one way system remaining in place for Parent/Guardian to collect their child following each lesson.

Need help or advice?
Email with your enquiry letting us know the centre (or centres) you’d prefer to attend, and a member of the team will get back to you.  

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