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Magherafelt Pool Opening Times

Our pools reopened on Friday 7 August.

During the initial reopening phase, swimming sessions will be available for 60 minute slots with 30 minute gaps in between to allow us to clean, replenish our customer cleaning/sanitiser stations and to get ready for the next timeslot.  

There will be a maximum number of swim spaces available per 60 minute slot and this is to ensure social distancing measures can be achieved, as well as giving you the comfort of knowing your space is guaranteed, and the reassurance that there will be a limited number of other customers using the facility as the same time as you.   

You can book online through the Mid Ulster Leisure Hub.

Main Pool

  • 50 metre swimming is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 
  • 25 metre swimming is available Thursday, Friday and Saturday


Lane Swimming

Leisure Swimming



6.45am - 9pm


No lessons taking place.


6.45am - 9pm




6.45am - 9pm




6.45am - 4.45pm

11.15am - 4.45pm



6.45am - 9pm

11.15am - 6.15pm



8.15am - 3.15pm

9.45am - 3.15pm



9.15am - 4pm 

9.15am - 4pm


Teaching Pool
Our teaching pool is currently closed to allow for essential repairs.  For more information contact:
Greenvale Leisure Centre
Call 028 7963 2796

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