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Missed Bins

We aim to collect all bins on their scheduled collection day. However, in some cases your bin may have been missed or we were unable to collect it.  

Reasons why your bin may have been missed

In some cases, we may have missed your bin and we’re sorry this has happened. We may have missed your bin if:

If we have missed your bin for any of these reasons listed above, you can report a missed bin collection to us. Our waste vehicles are fitted with CCTV.  We may check CCTV footage to investigate.

Report a missed bin collection

If your bin is missed, you have 72 hours from 3.30pm on the day of collection to report it.

For example: if your collection day is Monday, you can report your missed bin between 3.30pm on Monday until 3.30pm on Thursday.
Please wait until after 3.30pm of the same day your bin is due for collection to contact us. There may be a delay in reaching the end of the route that will make collection times later than you may be expecting.

Who can report a missed bin?
A missed bin can only be reported by a resident at the property or someone connected with the property.

Enter your address to report a missed bin

Please leave your bin out at the kerbside and we will collect your missed bin as soon as possible.

Reasons why we may not have collected your bin:

We may not have collected your bin because:

  • Your bin was not out by 7.30am on collection day.

  • Your bin was overloaded.

  • Your bin was not placed at the kerb.

  • Your bin was not presented in the right way for mechanical collection.

  • The wrong bin was presented.

  • Your bin is damaged.

  • Your collection is on a public holiday when collection times change. See our holiday bin collection arrangements.

  • The wrong items were in your bins. Our collection crew will attach a tag to the handle of your  bin if we find incorrect items inside. Check what can go in your household bins.

  • The bin was an unauthorised second or commercial bin.

If any of the above apply unfortunately we will not collect your bin until your next scheduled collection day.

Already reported a missed bin? 

You can only report a missed bin once. Contact if you have any other queries.

Why can't I report a missed bin?

If you have come to this page it is likely that you may not be able to report a missed bin for one of a few reasons:

  • It is not yet 3.30pm on your bin collection day or

  • It has been more than 72 hours since your bin collection day

  • Your bin was contaminated (wrong waste put in the wrong bin type)

  • Your bins were not placed on the kerbside or at a collection point

  • Our crews didn't have access to your bin(s) at the time of collection

  • Your bin was overloaded

  • You put the wrong bin on the kerbside or collection point