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Household Recycling

Be a Mid Ulster Recycling Hero!

Every single item that you recycle or re-use makes a real difference – to our environment, to the costs of waste disposal and to the recycling targets which we have to meet.

The good news is that Mid Ulster has consistently had the highest recycling rate of all the councils in Northern Ireland, and that’s thanks to the efforts of our residents.

Your blue and brown recycling and black refuse bins are collected fortnightly 

Your bins What your bin is for
Blue Bin

Your blue bin is for recycling.
All the material you place in your blue bin must be clean and dry.
Items should be loose, not in plastic bags

Brown Bin

Your brown bin is for food waste and garden waste

Black Bin

Your black bin is for waste that cannot be recycled

Check your bin collection day and remember to put your bin at the kerbside by 7.30am.

Please note: the Council's policy allows for the collection of one black bin, one brown bin and up to two blue bins per household (each fortnightly collection cycle). 

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