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Ten Top Tips to Recycle Right in Mid Ulster

Mid Ulster is consistently the leading council in terms of recycling, but we can all #StepItUp and 'Recycle Right' by following these 10 simple tips.

1. Make sure all the items for your blue bin are clean and dry before recycling them

2. Squash bottles and flatten cardboard boxes to save space

3. Replace lids and tops on your plastic bottles and glass bottles/jars. If they stay on the container they will get recycled

4. Remember to remove triggers from spray bottles and pumps from hand soap containers, as these can’t be recycled. Put the empty container without the trigger or pump in your blue bin

5. Don’t forget to recycle items from all rooms in the house such as shampoo bottles from the bathroom and magazines from the living room

6. Food waste can be recycled in your brown bin or you could try making your own compost at home. From leftovers to skins, cores and peelings, all of your food waste when composted can help achieve a blooming garden

7. Remember that takeaway pizza boxes can be recycled in your brown bin. Whilst these are made from cardboard, they are unsuitable for the blue bin as they contain oil and food residue, which can’t be removed

8. Paper and cards are always in high demand, but if they have glitter on them they aren’t suitable for recycling. Wallpaper, used tissues and laminated paper are also unsuitable for recycling in your blue bin

9. Remember to use your kitchen caddy to help with recycling your food waste. Food waste can be placed loose in your brown bin or biodegradable bags can be used to collect your food. You can also wrap it in a sheet of newspaper or kitchen roll before putting it in your brown bin

10. Your blue and brown bins should never be used for anything that can’t be recycled. All general waste and non-recyclable items should be put in your black bin.