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Buy a Bin

Wheelie bins can be purchased from the Council.  Purchase all 3 bins (black, blue and brown) at the same time and save £15*. 

The normal household size bin is 240 litre and can be supplied in black, blue & brown.  Payment can be made at any Council Office or depot. You can choose to collect your bin or to have it delivered (there is a £9 delivery charge). 

Bin Purchase Prices (from 1 April 2016)  
Bin Size Cost

Delivery  (2 - 3 working days)

Total Total inc VAT
120 / 180 litre £25 £9 £34 £40.80
240 litre £25 £9 £34 £40.80
360 litre £50 £12 £62 £74.40
660 litre £125 £12 £137 £164.40
1100 litre £170 £12 £182 £218.40

VAT is only payable on bins purchased by commercial properties. Householders are not charged VAT on bin purchases.

We also provide replacement parts for  broken bins. In most cases you won't need to buy a new bin, simply replace the broken part.  Find a list of replacement parts and the charges that apply. 

*To help increase food waste recycling householders who purchase all 3 bins (black, blue and brown) at the same time will save £15.  The charge for the brown bin will be reduced to £10 - resulting in a total charge of £60 for all 3 bins (rather than £75).

Please note: Council policy allows for the collection of one black bin, one brown bin and up to two blue bins per household (each fortnightly collection cycle). 

To enquire about purchasing bins contact Environmental Services on 03000 132 132 or email  

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