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Waste Reduction Tips

Reducing waste in your home

Please be a Recycling Hero and help us in these unprecedented times by reducing the amount of waste you produce at home. We’ve listed some suggestions below to get you started:

In the home 

  • Recycle right using all of your bins

  • Make conscious choices when shopping, don’t panic or over shop, only buy essential items so less packaging and waste goes to the bin

  • Reduce the food waste you produce at home - visit for some great tips and advice

  • Make sensible choices when cooking, only cook what you need so less food waste goes to the bin

  • Hold off on that big spring clean until our recycling centres re-open or until you can safely store any waste generated temporarily, this also applies to the garden and outside the home

  • Try your hand at upcycling or repurposing any furniture or items you may have been considering binning – you may find you have a talent for it!

  • Repair or repurpose your clothing. There are plenty of ideas to get you started at:

  • Use some of your recycling for craft projects with your children.

In the garden

  • If you're a gardener, less frequent grass-cutting will help keep your brown bin for its main purpose which is food waste

  • Consider home composting as an alternative to using the Household Recycling Centres to dispose of your garden waste. This can be achieved by piling up your grass cuttings in a corner of the garden.

  • Alternatively, you can cut your grass and not use the brown collection bin or fit any mulching adaptors and leave the cuttings on the lawn. This helps keep moisture in when the weather is dry as well as reducing the need to dispose of the cuttings.