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Brown Bin

Brown bins are for food and garden waste

Garden waste including grass cuttings, leaves, cuttings and prunings, shrubs and weeds, twigs and branches.  Along with all food waste including diary, fish, fruit and vegetable peeling, meat and bones, tea and coffee grounds and egg shells can be recycled through your brown bin.

*We collect one brown bin per property. If you would like to have a second brown bin collected, there is an annual charge of £50.*

We accept:

You can use your brown bin for:

Meat and fish


Vegetables and fruit

Cold Ashes

Uneaten food from your plate

Bread, cakes and pastries

Rice, pasta and beans

Tea bags, tea leaves and ground coffee

Grass cuttings

Hedge Clippings

Flowers and prunings

Shredded paper

We don't accept:

No thanks:    









Animal / pet waste

Using a kitchen caddy?

  • Dispose of food waste in your kitchen caddy
  • When full, transfer the food waste to your brown bin
  • To keep your caddy clean, you can line it with kitchen paper, newspaper or compostable liners
  • Rolls of compostable caddy liners can be purchased from Council recycling centres and Council depots for £1 per roll.

Check your bin collection day.  
Please leave your bins at the kerbside by 7.30am on collection day.

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