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Reusable Nappy Scheme

Families in Mid Ulster can now avail of the Council's Reusable Nappy Scheme.

By swapping to reusable nappies, Mid Ulster residents with small children in their household can dramatically reduce the amount of waste in their black bins as well as save money. A child will only require around 20 to 30 cloth nappies and these can also be used by any siblings that may come along. This results in a saving to families of between £200 and £500 over 2.5 years for their first baby and even more if re-used for future children.

After signing-up to the Reusable Nappy Scheme, residents will be reimbursed £30 when they spend £50 or more on the purchase of reusable cloth nappies, which can be purchased from any retailer of choice, including online.

Each year across the UK, around 3 billion disposable nappies are thrown away, representing an estimated 2- 3% of all household waste. Disposable nappies can't be recycled and therefore will end up in landfill or sent for energy recovery.

Each child wearing disposable nappies over a 2.5 year period will require 4000-6000 nappies which is enough to fill approximately 160 black bags, equalling approximately 1.5 - 2 tonnes of black bin waste. The cost to parents/carers of disposable nappies is on average between £800 and £900 over the duration of that period.

Terms and Conditions 

  • The child must be a permanent resident within the Mid Ulster district

  • Applicants must spend at least £50 on reusable, washable nappies to be eligible for refunds

  • Refunds on potty training pants are not eligible under the Reusable Nappy Scheme

  • Refunds can only be made by BACS payment into the bank account detailed on submitted form

  • Refunds can’t be made without the original, itemised receipt(s) which include date of purchase

  • The nappies must have been bought within 6 months of making the refund application

  • Participation in the Reusable Nappy Scheme is considered to be a ‘one off’ and does not constitute any commitment to future support

  • Only one nappy refund application per household

  • Mid Ulster District Council may ask you to provide feedback and complete a feedback questionnaire

  • The scheme is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. 

For more information on the Reusable Nappy Scheme, or to sign-up, email: or Tel: 03000 132 132.