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Fuel Stamp Saving Scheme

Joining the Mid Ulster fuel stamp scheme can help you save to meet your fuel costs.

How does it work?

Simply pick up a free collection card from any participating retailers in the Cookstown, Dungannon or Magherafelt areas.

  • Buy £5 fuel stamps when you can and stick them into your card.

  • When your card is full, you will have saved £200 towards your next order of fuel.

  • Don’t worry if you need oil and your card is not full. You can use a partly completed card towards the cost of paying.

  • When you need fuel, simply contact any of the participating suppliers to agree the price and delivery.

Remember to tell the supplier you are paying or part-paying with a fuel stamp card.

For more information, help or advice contact our Environmental Health Service on 03000 132 132 or email