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PARS Scheme

PARS stands for Physical Activity Referral Scheme. Think of it like an exercise prescription from your GP or health professional. We deliver PARS in Cookstown, Dungannon and Maghera Leisure Centres. 

The scheme helps to increase participants physical activity levels on the basis that physical activity has a range of positive health benefits on body and mind.  

Who can join PARS?

Clients must be: 

  • 19 years old or over

  • Inactive (not currently meeting the PA guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week), and 

  • motivated to change - your buy-in is the difference!

What are the referral criteria?

Only those clients that fit the following criteria should be referred: 

  • Obese (with a BMI of greater than 25 and less than 40) 

  • Have one or more of the following: hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, impaired glucose levels or diabetes, family history of heart disease, asthma, bronchitis or COPD, musculoskeletal conditions, or a mild or moderate mental health problem

What does the PARS offer?

  • Clients are offered two fully supervised sessions per week for 12 weeks, including a choice of activities to suit all clients such as gym sessions, group based activities, walking or cycling, that suits their needs and abilities

  • All clients will have a one to one consultation at weeks 1, 4, 8 and 12

Referrals can be received from a wide range of registered health professionals for clients who meet the Inclusion/Exclusion criteria for PARS, including GPs, Practice-based Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, and Specialist Nurses.

What happens next?
To find out more, contact Cookstown Leisure Centre on 028 8676 3853, Dungannon Leisure Centre on 028 8772 0370 or Maghera Leisure Centre on 028 7954 7400. Once we've received your form, our PARS Coordinator will contact you to arrange an appointment.