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Council issue steps to ensure children stay safe this summer

03 August 2016

As summer is the time of year when children spend most time outdoors, Mid Ulster District Council is urging residents and visitors to follow these simple steps to ensure their child’s safety this summer.

During the summer children spend more time outside meaning increased exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun. They also spend more time riding bicycles, trampolining, swimming, sitting around campfires and backyard barbecues.

It’s no surprise therefore that the summer is the time of year when children are most likely to end up in the emergency room with an injury.

To reduce the risk of this, and to help families stay safe this summer, the Council has issued the following guidelines:

Sun Exposure

Babies under 6 months old:

  • Avoid sun exposure;
  • dress in lightweight clothing that covers their arms, neck and legs;
  • ensure they wear a wide brimmed hat;
  • apply sun screen to any exposed skin;
  • if an infant becomes sunburned, apply cold compresses and seek medical advice.


  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before they go outside;
  • dress them in cotton clothing and have them wear hats with a brim and sunglasses;
  • limit their exposure to sun, especially during the peak hours between 10am and 4pm;
  • reapply sunscreen every two hours and after swimming or sweating.


Trampolining can be enjoyed safely if a few simple guidelines are followed and they are used with caution.

  • New trampolines should meet the European Standard EN71-14:2014;
  • do not place the trampoline on an unlevelled surface;
  • ensure that trampolines are tied down before use;
  • always use a safety net which prevents falls off the trampoline;
  • insist on one child at a time;
  • supervise at all times and ensure that children have rest periods.

Barbecue Safety

Barbecues should be fun, and will be safe if you prepare properly:

  • When choosing a barbecue ensure the one you choose is strong and sturdy
  • ensure the barbecue is placed in a suitable location – level ground, away from fences and trees;
  • never light a barbecue in an enclosed space as carbon monoxide gas can build up;
  • never leave children unsupervised near a barbecue;
  • disposable barbecues take longer to heat up and to cook food.

Cook your barbecue meats thoroughly until the juices run clear and there are no pink bits in the centre.

For more information please contact Home Accident Prevention at Mid Ulster District Council on 03000 132 132 or email: home.safety@midulstercouncil.org

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