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New Community Plan ‘A Milestone’ For Mid Ulster

08 December 2016

The publication of a draft Community Plan for Mid Ulster has been hailed as a ‘milestone’ for the region.

The result of almost 2 years’ work and representing the input of 40 organisations from across the public and voluntary sectors, as well as far-reaching community engagement and research, the new Community Plan sets out a vision for the design and delivery of services to improve the lives of local people.

Encompassed in 5 themes – economic growth, infrastructure, education and skills, health and well-being and vibrant and safe communities – are 15 outcomes which the community planning partners aim to achieve collectively in the next 10 years.  

The proposed outcomes impact on all areas of life, from increasing access to affordable housing and caring for those who are most vulnerable, to creating vibrant towns and villages, safer communities and better skilled and qualified people.

Speaking on behalf of the community planning partners, as consultation on the draft plan begins, Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Trevor Wilson, said:

“While the Council is the lead organisation when it comes to the coordination of community planning, this plan is the product of more than 40 organisations, drawn from across the public, voluntary and community sector, all working together to agree how to make life in Mid Ulster better.

“It is a milestone for the region and has its roots in the communities we all serve, reflecting the issues which have been identified through far-reaching community engagement, as well as deep statistical analysis. These are the issues which have the most impact on local people, whether it’s in terms of health and well-being, education, job opportunities, isolation or access to services.

“Having pulled the priorities together and agreed as organisations how we will work to deliver against the fifteen outcomes we have identified, we now need to go back out to our communities and test our thinking. That’s what this latest round of consultation is about and I would urge everyone to look at the draft plan, weigh up the difference the proposals will make to them, their families and communities and to feed back their views”.

A series of public consultation sessions will take place on:

  • Wednesday 7th December 2016, 2pm - 4pm, Council Offices, Cookstown
  • Wednesday 14th December 2016, 7pm - 9pm, Council Offices, Dungannon
  • Wednesday 18th January 2017, 7pm - 9pm, Council Offices, Cookstown
  • Wednesday 25th January 2017, 7pm - 9pm, Council Offices, Magherafelt.

To find out more about the draft Community Plan and to respond to the consultation which closes on Monday 6 February 2017, visit www.midulstercouncil.org/communityplan and to register to attend one of the consultation sessions, please contact Louise Devlin, Tel: 028 8676 4714 or email louise.devlin@midulstercouncil.org.

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