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Child Safety Week: Turn Off Technology And Tune In For Safety

03 June 2016

Mid Ulster District Council is encouraging families to turn off their technology and tune in, as part of Child Safety Week 2016.

The message to reduce the use of technology and so help reduce the distractions which can lead to accidents is the key theme of this year’s national campaign which runs from 6 to 12 June.

Home accidents are the biggest cause of death in children and every year thousands of children are also seriously injured.

By turning off technology at crucial times in the day, parents can give their children their focus and so keep them safer when pressures mount and when the need to concentrate to stay safe – like when crossing the road – is important.

Young people can also stay safer by turning off technology at certain points in the day and minimising distractions which can lead to falls, burns, scalds and poisonings by medicine or cleaning products that have not been locked away.

Some top tips to keep your children safe in the home are to check that:

  • The stair gate is closed
  • Hot drinks are out of reach of toddlers
  • Babies and toddlers are strapped into highchairs
  • Blind cords are tied up out of reach
  • All medicines and chemicals are locked away out of reach
  • There is nothing under windows which could be used to climb and get access to the window
  • That the paddling pool is empty when not in use
  • That garden equipment has been locked away
  • That any pond or water feature is fenced off.

Anyone who would like more information should contact the Council’s Home Safety Officer on 03000 132 132 or email environmental.health@midulstercouncil.org

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