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Council Chair Highlights Hidden Dangers In Toys & Gadgets

28 October 2016

The Chair of Mid Ulster District Council is highlighting the hidden dangers – button batteries - which can be contained in toys and gadgets.

Councillor Trevor Wilson is lending his support to the campaign to raise awareness of the small round button batteries which are found in a range of items, from toys to watches, musical greeting cards and remote controls.

“If a child swallows a button battery, it can cause serious harm or in the worst scenario, death. A button battery getting stuck in the throat isn’t only a choking hazard, but also has the ability to burn and cause internal bleeding because electrical charge can be triggered, creating caustic soda.

“I’d urge everyone to be vigilant always, but especially around this time of year when we’re all more likely to come across and be using the batteries. If your child does swallow a button cell battery, seek medical advice immediately.”

Some key safety tips are:

  • Keep button batteries out of reach if the battery compartment isn’t secure with a screw.
  • Store spare batteries in a high lockable cupboard.
  • Make sure toys comply to safety standards and are age appropriate.
  • Teach older children that button batteries are dangerous.

For further information about keeping your home safe, contact the Council’s Environmental Health service on 03000 132 132, E: environmentalhealth@midulstercouncil.org.


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