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Positive Planning Performance For Mid Ulster

06 May 2016

New statistics showing how councils are performing in the delivery of their new planning powers have revealed positive news for Mid Ulster.

Dealing with the period from April to December 2015, the figures show that Mid Ulster District Council is among the best performing councils, with the highest approval rate for applications of all the councils at 96.5% and all targets for investigating enforcement targets being met.

Chair of the Council’s Planning Committee, Councillor Martin Kearney, has called the performance ‘positive’.

“You have to look at all these statistics in the context of the volume of work – Mid Ulster had the 3rd highest number of planning applications out of the 11 councils and almost twice as many as our neighbouring councils and yet we are the 4th fastest council to process local applications.

“You also have to consider the performance against the backdrop of creating an entirely new service with an entirely new team from scratch, just over a year ago.

“All credit is due to those 40 or so staff who have made the transition from central to local government so smooth. As we embark on our second year, we will continue to see the benefits of their hard work and efforts to deliver a customer-focussed service, with local needs at its core”.  

Addressing the issue of a back log of applications, Councillor Kearney, said:

“We began in April 2015 with a backlog inherited from the Department of the Environment, including some long-running and complicated applications, so we are concentrating on clearing those applications as quickly as we can.

“The fact that in the period under review we decided more applications than we received, means we are making inroads into the backlog created by the transfer of planning to the council”.

To view the planning statistics in full, click here.

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