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Council brown bin campaign urges residents to Recycle to the Max!

06 April 2017

More than 50,000 homes across Mid Ulster are receiving a free recycling pack, beginning a new campaign to coincide with new rules about recycling food waste through brown bins.

The packs contain a free roll of kitchen caddy bin-liners to encourage use of the caddy for food waste.

They also contain convenient and easy-to-follow bin stickers which can be placed on your brown, blue and black bins illustrating exactly what can be disposed of in each bin.

The Council received £51,000 in funding from DAERA’s (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs) Environment Fund to help promote recycling in the Mid Ulster area.

Replacement kitchen caddy liners are also available at any of the Council’s Recycling Centres at a cost of just £1 a roll!

The Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Trevor Wilson, is endorsing the recycling campaign and is encouraging residents to participate, “I am delighted the Council is highlighting the very important issue of food waste recycling. Food waste being disposed of in the wrong bins is costing the Council a large sum of money each year but by making simple changes and using the brown bins correctly householders can help the Council save this money. As well as this significant financial saving, the negative consequences for the environment would also be greatly reduced.

“While the majority of households in the district are already recycling sufficiently and using their brown bin and kitchen caddy effectively, there is always the potential to do more. I would therefore urge everyone to review their recycling practices and get into the daily routine of managing their waste as much as possible. I hope all homes in the district fully utilise their free recycling pack and use it as a tool to make Recycling to the Max a more realistic and achievable task!”

New Food Waste Regulations make it more important than ever that food waste is not placed in black bins and is properly disposed of in brown bins instead.

Last year Mid Ulster district Council sent around 15,000 tonnes of biodegradable waste (including lots of food waste) to landfill at a cost of almost £2M! This sum could have been reduced if we were all using our recycling bins to the max!

Food waste sent to landfill doesn’t harmlessly break down. It has a big impact on the environment as it rots and releases methane- a harmful greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Owen Lyttle the Head of Waste Policy in DAERA added, “Northern Ireland currently sends over 150,000 tonnes of food waste to landfill every year. Over 75% of this food waste comes from households. But landfilling of food waste from your black bin is costly to your local council, which means less money is available to be spent on other local services. Also, once in the landfill the food waste decomposes to produce greenhouse gases and leachate that require to be treated in order to prevent damage to the environment.”

“As a result the Department has made legislation to divert food waste away from landfill and into recycling. From 1 April 2017 councils have to supply households with a kerbside food waste recycling service. The food waste collected from the kerbside recycling services will be treated at in‑vessel composting or anaerobic digestion plants, generating energy and quality compost, as well as sustaining green jobs.”

If you did not receive a brown bin or a kitchen caddy, or if your caddy is damaged or broken, you can get one by contacting the Council on 03000 132 132 or by emailing recycling@midulstercouncil.org.

For more information go to www.midulstercouncil.org/recycling.

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