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Top Recycling Present For Mid Ulster This Christmas!

07 December 2017

Mid Ulster has achieved the highest household waste recycling rate of all 11 councils for 2016-2017.

Official recycling rates just released show Mid Ulster’s Household Waste recycling rate stood at 51.6% for the year April 2016 to March 2017 compared to an average of 44.4% making Mid Ulster District Council the only Council to exceed 50% and also to meet the 2020 statutory recycling target ahead of time.

The figures act as a timely seasonal reminder to residents to continue their recycling efforts at this busy time of year.

As well as reminding residents to use the brown bin for all food waste, the Council is urging everyone to remember to recycle in the blue bin this festive season.

While it is the season to be jolly and to indulge, whether it be in gifts, food or alcohol, we all need to ensure we are recycling items properly in the blue bin. The blue bin should be used to dispose of a whole range of festive items including: Christmas catalogues, greeting cards and envelopes, wrapping paper (paper), cardboard boxes, biscuit and sweet tins, plastic food trays and all glass bottles and jars.

  • Recycling just one more glass wine bottle will stop nearly 4,000 cars worth of CO2 getting into our atmosphere
  • We could make a cardboard motorway stretching from Belfast to Lapland and back 107 times with all the card packaging we consume at Christmas

Foil wrapping paper and unclean foil such as the foil used for cooking your turkey, should go in the black bin.

It’s also important that we don’t forget about those bathroom and bedroom items this ‘party season’! Toiletries such as plastic shower gel and shampoo bottles, deodorant and shaving aerosols, perfume and aftershave bottles, along with cardboard packaging from face creams and moisturisers can all be recycled in the blue bin.

Chair of the Environment Committee, Councillor Ronan McGinley has again praised residents for their recycling efforts. “The recycling accolades just keep coming for Mid Ulster and this is all down to our residents carrying out fantastic recycling work on the ground. Their commitment along with the Council’s determination and continuous efforts to promote and highlight recycling are what have placed us in this impressive position yet again.

“Now that we are on the countdown to Christmas, the busiest time of the year in terms of purchasing gifts, food and drink, I would encourage everyone to be mindful of what they are disposing of and remember to deposit of them in the correct bin, in particular remember to place all glass bottles and jars, and other festive items such as greeting cards, wrapping paper and biscuit and sweet tins in the blue bin.”

For more information on recycling in the blue bin and recycling in general, visit: www.midulstercouncil.org/recycle or download the Council’s free Bin-ovation app from the App Store or Play Store.

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