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Mid Ulster Has Highest Household Waste Recycling Rate In 2016-17

14 June 2017

Mid Ulster has achieved the highest household waste recycling rate of all 11 councils for 2016-2017.

Provisional recycling rates just released show Mid Ulster’s Household Waste recycling rate stands at 52.8% for the period April 2016 to March 2017, the only Council to exceed 50% and also to meet the 2020 statutory recycling target ahead of time.

Chair of Mid Ulster District Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Ronan McGinley, said:

“Mid Ulster has consistently had the highest recycling rates every quarter over the past two years and to have met the 2020 target 3 years in advance is a significant achievement, particularly when you consider that the amount of waste we collect and dispose of has risen by over 4% since 2015.

“The success is a credit to local people who are using their recycling bins and centres so well and who are now also responding positively to the current challenge which is to ensure that all food waste is put in brown bins and never in their black bins.

“We should, as a result of the on-going commitments, continue to see our recycling rates rise in the year to come”. 

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