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Council bin lorries ‘rubbish’ food waste in black bins!

25 May 2017

Mid Ulster District Council is continuing its fight against food waste being wrongly placed in black bins, with the introduction of new recycling messaging on its fleet of bin lorries.

New advertising panels on the sides of vehicles are designed to encourage residents to dispose of food waste correctly in the brown bin and not the black, while also illustrating the difference recycling food waste makes to the environment.

Designs on the lorries show how one kitchen caddy full of food waste can generate enough energy to toast 8 slices of bread or power a television for 2.5 hours -  conveying the message that food recycling really does make a difference! 

The project, which is the next stage in the Council’s ongoing campaign to get residents to increase food waste recycling saw a total of 24 bin lorries fitted with the new messaging panels.

The Council received a £14,550 grant from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) to fund the project.

Already as part of the campaign the Council is in the process of delivering a free recycling pack to every home in the district. The pack includes brown and blue bin stickers detailing what can be disposed of in each bin and a sticker for the black bin saying ‘No Food Waste’ as well as a free roll of compostable caddy liners for food waste.

All the food waste collected in Mid Ulster is mixed with additional organic garden waste and converted into a PAS 100 approved compost. To mark Compost Awareness Week this year, the Council offered residents the chance to bag themselves some compost free of charge while stocks lasted. The promotion was run in partnership with Natural World Products (NWP) the company that produces the compost.

This year the Council’s EcoSpeak environmental public speaking competition for schools also shone a light on the issue of food waste recycling with the topic ‘The Fight Against Food Waste’.

Councillor Clement Cuthbertson, the Chair of the Environment Committee is delighted the Council is putting so much effort into highlighting the importance of proper food waste recycling.

He said, “The new food waste recycling messaging on Council bin lorries is a fantastic and fitting move which will act as a timely reminder for us all to recycle our food waste more responsibly when we see the vehicles out and about. The messaging uses real examples to show that food waste recycling really does make a difference which is a very effective way of getting people to think about the bigger picture.

 “This, along with the other work the Council has carried out as part of its campaign, will definitely raise awareness of food waste recycling and help residents Recycle to the Max by using their coloured bins more efficiently.”

New Food Waste Regulations make it more important than ever that food waste is not placed in black bins and is properly disposed of in brown bins instead.

For all the recycling information you’ll need and more, download the Council’s free Bin-ovation app by going to www.midulstercouncil.org/binovation.

If you don’t yet have a brown bin or a kitchen caddy, contact Environmental Services on 03000 132 132.

For more information go to www.midulstercouncil.org/recycle

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